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Posted by on 4/8/2016 to Fresh Out the Box

Lots of new things and changes going on here at Infinite Vapor - if you are reading this obviously you noticed our new website with an updated look, blog and more product. Every so often we will update the blog with the "Fresh out the Box" series were we highlight what we got in brand new and what our employees are excited about.

The first FOTB series is a pretty big one - with a new liquid line, new flavor and a new long waited RTA. First let's introduce you to Polite Society, with three exotic flavors - Eat the Rich, The Vaping Douche and White Girl. Each bottle of liquid is 30ml and comes in four different nic levels. You can get your first look of Polite Society here.

The newest flavor from Ninja Sauce is here, Kakute is a mango peach and pear mixup. The newly designed bottle also stands out from the rest of the flavors and will be available online and in shops on April 11th. 

Last but not least is our newest RTA from Vaporesso - the Gemini premier flagship rebuildable tank features spacious two-post build deck, direct-to-chamber air channel system, dual adjustable auxiliary airflow, convenient top-fill design, 13.5mm drip tip with 510 adapter, and an intricate form factor. Already generating buzz to be the top atomizer platform in the industry, it makes the perfect vape gift. Very limited quantity in stock so get to clicking now.



Date: 4/30/2016
I would like to give a HARDY THANKYOU to the following Managers at Infinite Vapor on Water Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Jake and Kelsey. And Elaina in West Allis, Wisconsin. With their EXPERT help, I was able to get Everything I needed for my Vaping Pleasure. Kelsey is ONE BAD-ASS BITCH. Pardon my Foul Mouth, but she ABSOLUTELY KICKS-ASS!!! She not only informed me of New Products, she also took the time to do a Dual Build on a new Sapor RDA for me. I Love Her To Death, she's not only Very Helpful, but DAMN GORGEOUS, also. If I had One Woman In My Life Who'd take as Good Care of Me as SHE did, I'd be ONE HAPPY ASS CAMPER!!! Thanks SO Much, Kelsey! Jake sold me a Brand Spankin New TF-G4 RTA with QUAD CLAPTONS!!! WOW....HOLY MOTHER, MAN, THIS THING IS A BEAST!!! That Sucker PUMPS-OUT the CLOUDS, and the FLAVOR is FREAKING AMAZING!!! He was SO Freakin Awesome!!! I walked into the store at closing time on a Friday Night at 9pm, and he was more than happy to take the time I needed to explain the differents RTA's available, I was interested in the Griffin which Jake said was an Amazing RTA, but then he suggested possibly trying the TF-G4 RTA, he hadn't tried it before, but he had a buddy who Absolutely RAVED about it. He showed me the Pre-Built Quad Clapton Deck and told me that thing would Put Out some Major Clouds and Flavor. He wasn't wrong, I am WAY MORE than SATISFIED!!! And ABSOLUTELY NO LEAKING Whatsoever!!! He took an extra 20 minutes out of his night to load the cotton for me, because I was a Newbie and had no idea how to load that stuff. And he patiently explained everything I needed to know, and also told me that I could come in whenever I needed the cotton changed, and he'd load-up some more for me. Thanks alot, Jake!!! You ROCK, Buddy!!! Elaina was Warm and Friendly and Treated me like I was an Old Friend. She told me that I could come down to the store anytime just to hang-out in the Lounge and Vape. And She's A Real Cutiepie, an Extremely Sweet Young Woman!!! Overall, I am Absolutely Over-Joyed with my Infinite Vapor Experience and I can Highly-Recommend Infinite with Absolute Confidence that these people know what they're doing and REALLY CARE about Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. Thanks SO MUCH to Infinite Vapor Staff!!! Love You Guys!!!
Date: 12/25/2016
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