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Get to Know: Matt Newkirk

Posted by Infinite Vaper Ali on 4/12/2017 to News + Updates
Get to Know: Matt Newkirk

Name: Matt Newkirk
AKA: Matthew Midas, The Midas One, Mattyboy, R.M. Milwaukee Area WI
Worked at Infinite Since: August 2014
Home Store: West Allis aka Stallis, The Dirty

What device and Global flavor are you currently vaping on?
Reuleaux 2/3 with Tsunami 24mm and Dripped Life Twist and Black Beards Forty-One

Tell us the story about how you quit; what kind of tobacco where you using?
I was smoking various brands of Menthol for 18 years, pack a day habit. I also chewed Skoal Bandit for six years off and on, when I couldn't smoke during pool leagues or playing ball.

When and why did you decide to quit?
Health reasons and I just got sick of smoking. It made me smell, tasted horrible and it wasn't for me anymore. I got to the point where I knew I wanted to quit, but needed help.

Which device did you first use?
The device that made me officially quit was a Vision Spinner VV and an Aspire BDC Tank. I had other pens before this, but none hit as well. *** laughing ***

Which nicotine level did you start out with?
I started out with 24 for three days, then moved down to 12 for a few months before I got into rebuildables and mechs and dropped to a 6. Now I use 3 and sometimes 0. 

What liquid and device are you currently using?
Too many to name. I have a collection. I use RDA's primarily, lately it's been the Tsunami 24mm. But I like my Hollowpoint and my Mutation V4. RTAs my go to is my Griffin 25mm or my Moonshot. Device wise I use my 2/3 daily. But Sigelei J80, Tesla 60W, Efusion or my DNA 200 get some play in my rotation as well.

Pro tips and tricks to stay off tobacco?
Stick wit it. It's different at first and it's a different feeling than analogs. Keep puffing and you'll get your nic fix. *** laughing *** The rest is all mental, the act of smoking is probably the hardest habit to break.

Don't believe the "expert" everyone who vapes had an opinion. It doesn't mean it's right or wrong or the law. Vaping is subjective, most of the time there are no right answers.

Find your flavor profile and nic strength. Asking what others likce can give you an idea of great flavors, but you need to find what YOU like. You don't need to stay away from Tobacco flavors - one of my favorites is Charles Dinsmore from Fu Man Brews - or get high nic levels because you smoked two packs a day. It's all relative to YOU and how you feel in correlation with your equipment.

Knowledge is free. Ask questions. The only dumb question is an unasked question. Do some research, read articles visit vape shops and ask not only employees but customers as well. The vape culture is a friendly one, we help each other.

I could go on, but that should be good for now. *** laughing *** If you want to know more visit me in West Allis.


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