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Hells Vapors – What Are They All About?

Posted by on 5/9/2017

You may have heard about an unusual e-liquid brand that has slowly been gaining steam since 2013. Hells Vapors hit the main stage last year with three great e-liquid releases, now in a high VG line and still available in their original 50/50 Blend. So far they have brought us Blueberry, Black Cherry and Lemonade to get our mouths watering. Let's take a closer look at the brand and the flavors. 

Black Cherry

Black Cherry is frequently used in candy juices thanks to its thick, tart flavor. However, Hells Vapors decided to take things in a different direction by creating a Black Cherry vape that is true to the fruit itself. It's dark, rich and tart, but it also has a sweet top note that balances things out. It's impressively authentic for a flavor that's hard to nail down. 


Another fruit flavor that is widely used for candies and desserts, Hells Vapors did justice to the Blueberry as well. While many other manufacturers take out the natural tartness of these fruits, Hells Vapors elected to keep it real and include all the various flavors that come with a handful of ripe blueberries. 


Lemonade is the newest of the beverages offered (along with Moscow Mule and Margarita) tastes like the real deal. None of that powdered lemon mix here. It's really lemons squeezed into ice-cold water with just enough sugar to sweeten things up. If you love bright refreshing beverage vapes, this is a great one to keep in rotation. 

Company Profile

Hells Vapors began in Minnesota, and has largely kept their client base in their local area. The past two years, they have they branched out to add more of a global reach. They offer more than 45 flavors straight from the minds of their master chemists and created in their ISO-6 certified facility. They instituted extensive quality control procedures to ensure consistency. All of their flavors are offered with nicotine options ranging from 0-24 mg, giving their e-liquids much more versatility than other manufacturers who stick to sub-12 mg nicotine blends. 

Of the 45+ flavors in their repertoire, they offer a 15-flavor High VG selection of their top sellers as well as another three-flavor line, called Hells Vapors Premium. Check it out! They are incredibly dedicated to using quality ingredients, and their chemists definitely created spot-on authentic flavors that pop! They now have everything from peppermint to more traditional tobacco flavors that are just as perfect as the three featured in this spotlight.

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