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How To Clean Your Vape Tank: Vaping 101

Posted by Infinite Vapor on 12/20/2017 to News + Updates
How To Clean Your Vape Tank: Vaping 101

Cleaning your vape tank should be a part of any good vaping routine. Over time, vape tanks accumulate residue that can change the flavor and flow of your e-liquid. Also, too much sticky residue could keep your device from functioning properly.

The good news is that a once-a-week cleaning can be done in just minutes and will go a long way toward preserving your vaping equipment. Here are a few different methods for cleaning vape tanks:

Cleaning with Water

This is the simplest cleaning method available. Just heat up some water in the microwave for about two minutes until it's steaming hot. Take your tank apart and remove your coil head. Drop the pieces into the water and let them soak until the water reaches room temperature.

Take the pieces out and run them under cool water to rinse any remaining residue off. This whole process only takes about 10 minutes, but it is sufficient for quick cleaning. 

Propylene Glycol Soaking

Another effective method is to soak your disassembled tank in unflavored PG instead of water. You don't need to heat the PG. Just leave your tank in a shallow bowl of PG for a few minutes and then let it drip dry on a towel or napkin. The PG will naturally dilute any residue that is built up. 

Cleaning with Baking Soda, Vinegar and Ethanol

If you feel like you need a deeper clean that gets down to the surface, you can substitute any of these household ingredients for propylene glycol. Just make sure you don't let your tank sit in vinegar too long because it will be difficult to get the smell out.

Make sure you thoroughly rinse your tank after using any of these cleaners and rinse it twice with vinegar. 

Other Cleaning Tips

In general, cleaning your tank should only take a few minutes each week. If your coils are still in good shape, you can always choose to reuse them, but it is best to swap them out if you plan on changing flavors.

Also, vape juice residue tends to build up behind your o-rings, so make sure you are gently removing them from the tank body when you soak your tank to get the best clean.

Finally, some people choose to invest in a quality ultrasonic cleaner for their vape tanks. If you're a hardcore vaper who frequently switches between multiple tanks and devices, this may be a worthwhile investment to make. 

Here at Infinite Vapor, we have a vast selection of vape tanks ready for all your vaping adventures. Stop by anytime to learn more about how to clean a vape tank properly. 

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