CITY OF ALEXANDRIA, WE NEED YOUR HELP TO STOP AN INDOOR VAPING BAN!!  The Alexandria City council is considering final passage of an ordinance that will limit where you can vape and BAN Vaping in our store. Please take a second to email the addresses below and let them know how important vaping and the ability to sample are to you.

Copy and Paste this message:

Dear Mayor and Council members,

I urge you to reconsider your prohibition of public vaping and especially limiting vaping at the Infinite Vapor location. These products have helped thousands of Minnesotans quit smoking already and there is NO supported scientific evidence that they pose any risk to bystanders.  By forcing one business to either relocate or force its customers outside you are creating an advantage for one existing business over another. this is concerning especially since there have been NO complaints about the sampling inside these businesses.  Please allow for sampling in BOTH the existing business in Alexandria.

 Finally, copy and paste these emails and SEND!

Thank you for your support!!!


Infinite Vapor Fam