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The Skinny on the Sweet eLiquid Spotlight

Posted by on 5/11/2017
The Skinny on the Sweet eLiquid Spotlight
Have an insatiable appetite for sweets? Dessert & candy e-liquid flavors are all the rage, and there is no shortage of creativity coming out of the minds of the top e-liquid manufacturers these days! Here are a few of the best-selling flavors right now for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Polite Society: Coup D'Etat

First up on our list of unique dessert flavors is Polite Society's Coup d'Etat. Polite Society took a lot of risks with this one, but it definitely paid off. On the inhale you get the nice fluffy flavor of whipped marshmallow filling. Just as you're recovering from the awesomely sweet introduction, your taste buds are rocked by an infusion of sweet and tart red grapefruit. Who would've thought that grapefruit and marshmallows would form such an amazing combination? At $17.99 for this cutely packaged bottle, it is well worth the investment.

Cake Factory: Fetti

Cake Factory has made a name for themselves with their cake-themed dessert vapes. Fetti is a fluffy white cake topped with vanilla icing and engulfed with little candy sprinkles. Every memory of this classic 90’s birthday cake will unfold, like your fork slicing through the layers, with each vape. It's soft and sweet, and just a little bit creamy. At $17.99 you can't find a better celebration in a bottle. It’s your party! 

Pop It 

This iconic duo has been transformed into an incredible team. Wrapped up inside of Pop It you will experience the cherry-lime beginning that suddenly shape-shifts into a superb blue raspberry flavor! It's three of the most complimentary flavors ever packed into one bottle. Each layer presents itself clearly before folding into the next. The brightly colored box calls your name from the store shelf. Take a trip back to your past summers with Pop It!

These are just three of our all-time favorite sweet vapes. There are dozens of others out there as well, but these three stand out from the crowd for their exemplary quality and unique flavor profiles.

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