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What You Need to Know About Cold Weather Vaping in Minnesota

Posted by Infinite Vapor on 1/10/2018 to News + Updates
What You Need to Know About Cold Weather Vaping in Minnesota
When it comes to vaping, you may be surprised to find that the sudden cold weather can impact the quality of your vapor experience. The good news is that you can take steps to fend off the cold and keep your vaporizer in prime condition. These five tips will get you started:

Choose Your Vape Juice Wisely

Your vape juice is made up of several different chemical compounds. These compounds react differently to extreme heat and cold. Liquids that are higher in PG tend to perform better in the cold because PG doesn't freeze as easily as VG. Of course, the best policy is to keep your e-liquid indoors and never leave it in your car, because if it does freeze, the chemicals may separate and you will have a hard time re-mixing them to create the same flavor.

Ditch the Metal Drip Tip

Metal drip tips offer a number of benefits for the flavor of your vaping, but they can definitely be a drag during the winter. Even when you keep them inside, you may find that the cold tip puts a real damper on the quality and comfort of your vape.

Take Care of Your Batteries

Batteries simply don't do well in freezing temperatures, especially when you turn on your device and expect them to heat up instantly. Don't leave your vape batteries in your car. Try to carry them close to your body so they will stay relatively warm. Make sure you keep them charged up, because if they are discharged and freeze they could be permanently damaged.

Enjoy the Clouds

Just taking a deep breath in the icy cool air can produce a pretty interesting vapor cloud. However, when you add your actual vaporizer to the mix, you'll notice that the cold air really holds onto your cloud longer and slows it down. Take the chance to try some new tricks and create new shapes.

Be Careful with Gloves

If temperatures really drop off, you can bet on wearing thick gloves to keep your hands warm. Pay attention while you're vaping with gloves on because gloves often make it difficult to feel how much pressure you are applying to your vape. You may not be able to feel when you press the firing button as well. Gloves also tend to make your fingers slippery, so you can easily drop your device if you're not careful.

If you need help choosing a good e-liquid to get you through the winter or need some additional insight on how to keep your batteries safe from the cold weather, stop by one of our 13 Infinite Vapor locations to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.



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