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Posted by Infinite Vaper Ali on 2/27/2017 to News + Updates
The Line of the Week is Cake Factory Vapors! This delectable trio of cake flavors is a must try! Personally, I vape on all three of these because my palette is typically all about the dessert flavors and these flavors are spot on. 

If you're like me and got carried away with the Holiday treats spiraling into Valentine's Day like YOLO, then you're probably also now on a diet cutting the sweets and the struggle IS TOO REAL! Hail the Queen will be my calorie free sweet escape for the month! Hail the Queen is your raspberry roll cake topped with fluffy whipped cream! This is by far my top pick of the three. 

I recommend picking up two flavors to switch off from if you don't already love all three! Le Frasier, pronounced Le "Freh-zee-YAY" would be a great pairing to Hail the Queen because in brings back a hint of citrus (lemon génoise) to switch it up! 

Fetti is the newest of the three and it tastes just like the classic Birthday cake we all grew up eating! This one is a go-to for most people starting out on cake flavors! Enjoy..

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Love is in the Air & Spring is Approaching...

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Love is in the Air & Spring is Approaching.. 

So is that Tax Return!! Upgrade your vaporizer starter kit and stock up on some fresh flavors for the season! 

Our Valentines Special Runs Through Tuesday, February 14th